Death Valley Sleepers

Photo: Baijie Curdt-Christensen

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Venue: Atlas | Date & Time: Saturday 16:30

Death Valley Sleepers represents a mature approach to an otherwise often recklessly youthful combination of subgenres. The effects are well-proven: Jazzmaster guitars, Be My Baby beats, sugary choruses and hints of eastern instrumentation, but here the dosing is unusually precise. The tightly orchestrated, upbeat pop song remains the centerpiece, but with excursions into guitar noise and psychedelia. 

Genre: 60s pop, noise pop
Inspired by: Old breakbeats, retrokitsch, psych music, naive song writing, California
Started: 2008
Latest album: Death Valley Sleepers (2012)
Web: http://www.deathvalleysleepers .com/
Alternative Web: alleysleepers