Photo: Rasmus Weng

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Venue: SCC That | Date & Time: Saturday 23:15

The hip hop tradition of Aarhus is long and proud, but over just a few years Flødeklinikken have both established their name and set themselves apart from that tradition with their hand played and song oriented hip hop hybrid. There are seven members in the group, who’s amassed more than 600.000 YouTube views with the song ”Piger Med Pistoler”. Flødeklinikken has just released the album ”Syv Sind”. 

Genre: Hip hop
Inspired by: The Roots, The Beatles, Wu-Tang Clan, D'Angelo, J-Dilla
Started: 2006
Latest album: Syv Sind (2013)
Web: http://www.facebook.com/Floede klinikken
Alternative Web: http://www.twitter.com/Floedek linikken