Hamferð (FO)

Photo: Eija Måkivuoti

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Venue: Atlas | Date & Time: Saturday 22:50

With inspiration from the surrounding nature and the darker parts of Faroese history, the winners of Wacken Metal Battle, Hamferð, is a dragging, melancholic metal variant. Doom metal is the term and it comes in the form of long, crushing and epic pieces. You probably won’t experience anything heavier at this year’s SPOT than this heavy congregation and their Nordic musical apocalypse.

Genre: Doom metal
Inspired by: Faroese nature and history, Sámal Joensen-Mikines
Started: 2008
Latest album: Vilst er síðsta fet, ep (2010)
Web: www.facebook.com/hamferd
Alternative Web: www.myspace.com/hamferd
Video: http://www.ndr.de/unterhaltung/musik_konzerte/wacken/metal_battle/metalbattle159.html?hl=da_DK&version=3