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Venue: Filuren | Date & Time: Saturday 16:35

The lo-fi scene of the 90’s inspires Helmet Compass. A “knife-to-the-throat”-like pace of work characterizes the music, and in the past two years, the band has released 6 EPs. Their 7th is titled ”Beautiful High”, and will be released on cassette tape through Raum Eins Records. The EP is mostly about girls and mind-expanding drugs, but it also includes some of the band’s strongest melodies.  

Presented by KarriereKanonen

Genre: Psychedelic rock
Inspired by: Oasis, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beck
Latest album: Beautiful High (2013)
Web: http://www.dr.dk/karrierekanon en/kunstnere/helmet-compass/
Alternative Web: http://www.facebook.com/helmet compass