HighasaKite (NO)

Photo: Hilde Mesics Kleven

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Venue: SCC This | Date & Time: Friday 20:30

After the debut “All That Floats Will Rain” from February 2012, HighasaKite have been on a roll. International music blogs and magazines have hailed the Norwegian group, and they have played at Øya Festival, Berlin Festival and Icelandic Airwaves. Ingrid Helene Håvik’s zither has a prominent role, and the quaint instrument adds a distinctive color to HighasaKite’s semi electronic indie pop universe.

Genre: Indie pop
Inspired by: Joy Division, PJ Harvey, Twin Peaks, the documentary "Indian Summer"
Started: 2010
Latest album: All That Floats Will Rain (2011)
Web: http://highasakite.no
Alternative Web: http://www.facebook.com/highas akitemusic?fref=ts