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Venue: Filuren | Date & Time: Friday 19:05

Here we are talking about urban with an international sound. Santigold, Purity Ring and Major Lazor are some of the inspirations, but Kinck also borrows from M.I.A.’s edgy pop and Robyn’s nose for hits. All of it is mixed into Kinck who has her very own set of characteristics. It is pop music that bites back with a distorted vocal, hard beats and heavy, heavy bass that keeps you from sitting still.

Presented by KarriereKanonen

Genre: Pop, urban, electro, dub
Inspired by: Santigold, Purity Ring, Major Lazor, M.I.A., Robyn
Career start: 2012
Latest album: -
Web: en/kunstnere/kinck/
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