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Venue: Foyer | Date & Time: Friday 15:15

Point Blank is an organic hip-hop group consisting of 7 people that for the past three years has shared stages with Kidd, TopGunn, Klumben, Danni Toma and Flødeklinikken. Furthermore, they have supported such artists as the rap legend, Ice Cube and the French hip-hoppers Hocus Pocus. Point Blank is an energetic and catchy live band with an authentic sound that is sure to get the audience moving.

Genre: Hip hop
Inspired by: J. Dilla, Outkast, The Neptunes, and Kendrick Lamar
Started: 2009
Latest album: Don't Let The Minute Hand Slap You, ep (2011)
Web: facebook.com/pointblankdk
Alternative Web: pointblankdk.bandcamp.com/