We Were Born Canaries

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Venue: Radar | Date & Time: Saturday 20:45

Behind We Were Born Canaries stand singer Stine Grøn and audio wizzard Jakob Steen. Stine Grøn’s colorful voice floats effortlessly, like a playful canary, through the group’s world of sound, in which guitar, bass and intoxicating beats are mixed with healthy amounts of reverb, cow bell, synthetic hand claps and other delightful flavors. The sound is dreamy and seductive. Pop with imagination and elegance.

Genre: Pop
Inspired by: Broadcast & The Focus Group, MGMT, Stones Throw, Tropicália, soundtracks
Started: 2010
Latest album: We Were Born Canaries (2012)
Alternative Web: http://www.facebook.com/wewere borncanaries