New Film Festival and Interactive Conference in Connection with SPOT

Daniel Heydorn
Grandma Lo-Fi - del af film-programmet.

Experience the award winning docu portrait of Grandma Lo-Fi at SPOT Film.

SPOT MUSIC, FILM & INTERACTIVE: With the objective of creating the strongest and most prolific festival focusing on music, film and interactive in the Nordic region, Filmby Aarhus, Shareplay and Promus now collaborate with the SPOT Festival. Much in the spirit of SPOT, this new initiative is directed at the Nordic pool of talent as well as cross-disciplinary co-operations seeking to develop new values and create growth and turnover.

“The new SPOT collaboration across fields of business, competences, and stakeholders will provide more valuable experiences for the SPOT audience. But equally important, it is intended to create new products and services and inspire new forms of collaboration benefitting all fields of business involved. We wish to collectively challenge the existing.”

The statement comes from SPOT Festival, Aarhus Filmby, Shareplay and Promus regarding the new collaboration.

SPOT is about music. But also much more. After taking baby steps during the previous festivals, the first edition of the new collaboration – SPOT Music, Film & Interactive – will become a reality during the upcoming SPOT Festival this May in Aarhus. This is what’s happening:

+ SPOT Film: Two day film festival May 1-2 organized by Filmby Aarhus in collaboration with Øst For Paradis, which will also house the event. These are films created by a string of newer Nordic talents and filmmakers – and the program has a strong appeal. Additionally, there will be master classes etc.

+ SPOT Interactive: May 2, Shareplay will be presenting the ‘SPOT Interactive Conference’ at Godsbanen. With innovative Danish and international speakers, it will focus on reaching new target audiences and establishing new sources of revenue through interactive media experiences etc.

+ And then we have SPOT Music: SPOT’s big musical line-up on May 3-4 in central Aarhus will include numerous genre defying projects, weighty seminars – e.g. a large publishing seminar organized by Promus – in addition to the more than 100 concerts featuring mainly newer Danish and Nordic artists.

All three will be focusing on the Nordic talents, and on creating something new – in terms of both artistic expression and marketing. All of which means a better experience for the audience and added value because of the new collaboration.

Annual music, film and interactive festival

The goal of creating the strongest and most prolific festival for these three areas in the Nordic region accommodates the fact that music, film and the interactive world have already transcended the genre boundaries and now collaborate in countless constellations. Film and gaming use music. Music uses visuals, animation etc. Musicians, filmmakers, media, designers, advertisers and audiences use the Internet and across all of these areas, new forms of interaction arise.


De Sorte Skole - 3-dobbelt-koncert på SPOTs musikdel.

De Sorte Skole – 3 shows at SPOT Music.

Today, these three fields of business have so many overlapping areas of contact that it only seems natural to gather the competences, resources and networks. All of this to explore the potential of using the collective forces to create new opportunities for the players involved – and, in turn, new experiences for the users and audience.