Film program

The films for this year's festival has now been scheduled. The overview page shows all films sorted alphabetically while the program pages shows the program for the particular day.

Spot Film is presented in collaboration with Filmby Aarhus and North Sea Screen Partners.

Wednesday May 1th
Thursday May 2nd

The Deep


From Lobster Love to Battle of the Sexes - the Films of Anssi Kasitonni (torsdag)


Grandma Lo-fi + First You Close Your Eyes (onsdag)

Grandma Lo-fi + First You Close Your Eyes (torsdag)


I Lossens Time + intro v. Søren Kragh-Jacobsen


Kidd Life

Las Palmas and Puppetboy - the Art of Johannes Nyholm (torsdag)


Masterclass: Kristian Eidnes Andersen - The Music of Film


Masterclass: The Art Of The Music Video

Moody Melodies - a mixtape of Nordic Beats




Roland Hassel (onsdag)

Roland Hassel (torsdag)


The Rocka (onsdag)


The Rocka (torsdag)

The Weight Of Elephants